Used Cars for Sale in Hinesville 

At Vaden Nissan, we welcome you to come browse our wide selection of used cars. Our inventory is always changing as trade-ins arrive and sell each month. We get a variety of different classes and models of vehicle that makes it likely there's something that matches your personal or business needs, ranging from economy compacts to luxury SUVs. 

Our used vehicle inventory doesn't include just Nissan vehicles, either. We accept trade-ins of all major brands and models when we sell new vehicles, so if you're open to other makes, we may well have a vehicle that you'd be interested in. 

Benefits of Buying Used Cars 

The most attractive benefit car buyers find when they shop for used vehicles is their affordability. The depreciation that a new vehicle will suffer in the first 10 years of its life is significant when you compare it to the cost of financing its initial sticker price. A used car has already depreciated, so it represents a far lower cost per year for a reliable vehicle. 

Another reason used vehicles are more affordable is because they aren't subject to the same sales tax as new vehicles in many states. That means the bottom line that you pay is even less. Buying a new vehicle also involves other fees and service charges like shipping and destination fees designed to defray the cost of transporting your purchase from the factory. A used vehicle is on the dealer's lot today, and you can drive it away after making a down payment. 

When you combine this with the lower costs of insurance and registration fees for used vehicles, the savings are significant. 

Quality Used Cars 

What holds many back from buying used vehicles if they are a much more affordable option compared to new cars? The most common answer we hear is the worry that a used vehicle will have maintenance problems because of its mileage and age. Many private used car dealers sell vehicles as-is with only cursory inspections or repair work. At Vaden Nissan, however, we put our used vehicle inventory through an exhaustive inspection and perform the maintenance work needed to make sure each vehicle will be just as reliable as a new car. 

While it's true that a used vehicle with high mileage is likely to have a shorter usable life than a new car, vehicles today are built to last beyond 100,000 miles of driving. With the proper care and timely maintenance, they can remain reliable for as much as 200,000 miles. This means you can get just as many years of driving from a used vehicle as you typically will from a new car that you trade in after five to ten years. 

Don't let worries about unexpected breakdowns stop you from finding a good deal on a used vehicle here at Vaden Nissan. Give us a call or stop by our showroom today to take a vehicle for a test drive.

Our goal is for you to be fully satisfied when doing business with Vaden Nissan Hinesville. To that end, here are some important details to help you:

• Our prices do not include state, county, federal or government-mandated tax and titling
• We do charge an internal documentation fee of $798.88, but that is never added to our advertised pricing because it's already included
• Advertised pricing expires daily and subject to availability
• Accessories and aftermarket products might change the advertised price
• Pricing based on Dealership financing only, subject to credit approval and might include residency restrictions
• Rebates, incentives and offers might have limitations preventing them from being combined
• Actual MPG will vary depending on option, driving conditions, driving habits, vehicle condition and maintenance
• We are committed to the accuracy of information surrounding our listings, however as errors occur, we reserve the right to make a correction
• We offer estimates at no cost, so please contact the dealership for all the details you need to make an informed purchase