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  • 2020 Nissan Altima 2.5 SR Sedan

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  • 2019 Nissan Murano Platinum SUV

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  • 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport SV SUV

    2019 Nissan Rogue Sport SV SUV

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  • 2019 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SV Sedan

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  • 2019 Nissan Kicks SV SUV

    2019 Nissan Kicks SV SUV

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Looking for New & Used Cars?

You're in the Right Place.

Here at Vaden Nissan of Hinesville, Georgia, everything is just peachy. Nissan is an industrious brand that is known for offering competitive features that appeal to a broad spectrum of potential drivers. No wonder why Nissan is the top choice for many car rental agencies who have to please consumers with an excellent and reliable driving experience every time. Nissan's are known for having extremely large gas tanks that you can fill up twice and literally drive from Maine to the Midwest. They are also known for being extremely fuel efficient and comfortable to drive on highways for long road trips. They feature ultrabright headlights and different driving modes to maximize performance or fuel economy.

Sign a Lease, Finance, or Purchase

Leasing a Nissan is a lot like renting one from one of the major rental agencies. You make monthly payments that are lower than the cost to rent it and are only obligated to drive the vehicle for a short time (6 to 60-months or more). A lease is attractive because you always have the latest features and can trade up with ease when the latest models come out. Financing or purchasing a vehicle outright is essential if you plan on putting more than 15,000-miles a year on your Nissan, or you are going to use it for work-related tasks where there is a higher risk of incurring spills, excessive wear, or other issues. When you finance a vehicle, you will need more money to pay upfront and will have to continue taking good care of your vehicle after the warranty expires to reap the maximum savings. Financing a vehicle is also attractive if you want to modify the vehicle or hold onto it for a long time.

Reconditioned Used Vehicles

The biggest benefit of shopping at our dealership is the opportunity to purchase a used vehicle that has tons of life left in it but is steeply discounted. We have to discount our used inventory because consumers are extremely fickle and apprehensive about tying up a large investment in a vehicle that is not brand-new. The truth is that these vehicles are nearly identical to the brand-new vehicles (aside from some cosmetic wear and higher miles). The synthetic lubricants used in late-model vehicles makes it very rare for a car to break down due to high mileage if you consider that it is now common to reach 200,000 miles before an engine rebuilt. Vehicles break down because owners take them to unqualified general repair shops, use aftermarket parts, or skimp on the preventative maintenance necessary to keep vehicles driving like new forever.

The Kelley Blue Book prices that estimate a fair resale value on used vehicles is irrational when you consider other virtues that are important in determining the quality of a used vehicle. When you are buying any vehicle sight-unseen for from a disreputable seller, pricing is meaningless because the vehicle may have hidden problems that are too costly to repair like flood damage. It is virtually impossible to see flood damage in many vehicles that are cleaned up. It is only when the electrical problems begin to creep up on you that you realize the vehicle is worth its weight in scrap and parts.

We stock a diverse selection of used vehicles because we have lots of trade-in and after-lease vehicles to recondition for maximum value and resale. Our after-lease fleet of Nissan's are some of the best deals. We can usually recondition these into like-new condition and back them with additional warranties. Because they have to be meticulously inspected as part of the lease contract upon return to check for excessive wear and tear, it is easy for us to provide a guarantee. We also have the benefit of working on these vehicles from the day of sale until they are returned. This gives us confidence that all the work was done correctly, and that the new owner will be extremely satisfied.

Our Service Department

When you need world-class service and repairs carried out on your Nissan, look no further than our friendly service department. Our expert automotive service technicians have years of education and experience working on every brand out there. We provide them with ongoing factory training to master the highly technical repairs that Nissan's require. The technicians have exclusive access to factory computer resources which make it easier for them to pinpoint your issues and make effective repairs. We always use the correct type of oil and filters on your vehicle for any service and carry out courtesy inspections to ensure that there are no other issues. General repair shops do not have the factory repair manuals, sophisticated diagnostic computers, and recall information that we have to provide you with comprehensive service.

General repair shops also use shoddy aftermarket parts that are reverse engineered from the original equipment (OE). At Vaden Nissan, we only use Genuine Nissan parts that were manufactured by the same parts provider that was relied upon when your car was being built in the factory. These parts are guaranteed to fit and almost certain to last as long as the original parts. Therefore, if you need new drive axles at 150,000 miles, you can bet that the replacements will take you another 150,000-miles. These parts are backed by a warranty that is redeemable at any authorized Nissan dealership in the country.

Contact Us

When you are ready to step into an upscale daily driver that promises more than appliance-like reliability, your Nissan is waiting. Our selection is constantly flipping over as drivers gobble up our inventory and new models arrive. Nissan's are fun to drive and remove the stress from driving that you may encounter when you hit the roads on poorly engineered domestic vehicles with clumsy handling. The best way to decide whether a Nissan is right for you is to stop by for a test-drive. Call us, or contact us by filling out the form below with any inquiries. One of our representatives will respond and provide you with unlimited support throughout the purchase process.