Nissan Dealership in Hinesville, GA

Way back in 1968, Dan Vaden, the founder and key inspiration behind The Vaden Automotive Group, was approached by General Motors about an opportunity with the manufacturer in Savannah, GA. After 15 years of working his way up from a used car sales trainee in Jacksonville, FL to a General Manager and a part-owner at the company, he simply said, “I am just an old used car salesman…” Almost 50 years since he decided to pack up his family and open Dan Vaden Chevrolet on an old dairy farm in Savannah, he now owns one of the leading franchises in the area.

He had no idea that during that time that The Vaden Automotive Group would win awards such as the Time Magazine Quality Dealer Award (1992) and the Better Business Bureau’s Diane Wahrman Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics (2006). He also could have never foresaw himself being inducted into the Savannah Business Hall of Fame in 2008.

Dan Vaden passed away on December 7th, 2010. While he is no longer with us, the lessons that he taught all of us continue to resonate with each member of our staff. His wit and wisdom still lives on to this day with phrases like. “I don’t sign your paycheck, your customers do” and “Our business is a people business. We treat our employees and customers as partners because, ultimately, they are responsible for our success.” These are just two of his mottos that we have kept us, and we believe they will continue to push us along the path to success.

If you need a new or used vehicle in Hinesville, or you need to get your vehicle serviced, please feel free to stop by Vaden Nissan of Hinesville. We will treat you exactly how we were taught by Mr. Vaden. Not as an object that we simply should get behind the wheel of any vehicle, but as a respected customer whose opinion and preferences matter.


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We treat our employees and customers as partners because they are responsible for our success!